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Founder, Jen Lee

Thanks for visiting Lawyer Success Network™! I am a bankruptcy attorney who loves figuring out ways to help other lawyers innovate and move the practice of law forward. Sometimes, it means creating new client processes, or coming up with a totally new product, or even developing client-friendly packages that make it easy to buy.

My law firm is Jen Lee Law, Inc. and I have offices in San Francisco, San Ramon, and Tracy, CA. We help individuals and companies with debt, credit, and financial stress. In my spare time, I love to nerd out on marketing, business development, and law practice management.

I live in Livermore, CA and have two little girls, Ingrid and Heidi. We also have a bunch of dogs (the number varies from day-to-day, as we do fostering and dog rescue).

Please connect with me on LinkedIn and tell me more about what you do.

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Benefits of joining LSN 

Community. Support. Mentoring.  



  • Vetted community with other attorneys. 
  • No sales pitches, programs, or private messages trying to sell you the next great roadmap to success. 
  • Discussion forums for reviewing coaching programs, books, software, marketing, law practice management, business models, and other topics. 
  • Networking and referral opportunities within the community. 



  • An environment that encourages change and growth, especially when it comes to new ideas and getting away from the billable hour model of practicing law. 
  • Resources for figuring out what you need to move forward with your style of law practice, including sample documents, templates, and marketing ideas. 
  • Monthly Zoom discussions on marketing, hot topics, and law practice management. 



  • Ability to join mastermind groups for like-minded individuals wanting accountability, some structure, and momentum. 
  • Access for individual discussions and mentoring, including brainstorming ideas and vetting potential opportunities. 
  • Connections with resources available for helping with individual issues and projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Lawyer Success Network is designed for the lawyer who wants to change the traditional law firm model, push outside what’s expected, but wants to do that with some community support. It’s really easy sometimes to come up with an interesting idea, but having someone or a group to talk to about an idea is often more difficult to come by. 


As attorneys, we are often bombarded by a one-size-fits-all coaching solution, or a “system” or some other program that a company wants to sell us, because all lawyers are rich and have money to throw around (sarcasm font!). LSN isn’t coaching or a system really. It’s a place to mastermind with other lawyers, get feedback on ideas, find out about programs that others have tried, talk about marketing, and evaluate how you can update your practice to meet the changing legal landscape. 


Some of LSN may be a bit woo-woo. If you can handle talking about what you want to create, how to make that happen, and believe that what you put out in the world is what you get back, then you’ll fit right in. 

I talk to a lot of lawyers who have great ideas, but aren’t sure how to implement, where to go next, what resources are out there, or even how to evaluate if something is a great idea. The most common phrase I hear from people I talk to is, “I really like talking with you! Everything becomes clear when we discuss things!”  


It’s amazing what happens when people start working together. We may not all be at the same stage in our practice, but we can all learn from each other – including successes and failures. LSN is designed to be an online repository of information, sharing, and collaboration. Our tag line is Community. Support. Mentoring. because so often, we are left to figure everything out on our own. 

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