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This is not your typical "Grow your law firm to 7-figures" coaching site. But this is a place for growth and empowerment over your law firm.

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Lawyer Success Network offers personalized strategies to transform legal practices, focusing on innovative business models and financial growth. Consultation packages are tailored towards the specific needs of the law firm.

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LSN provides interactive, hands-on learning experiences designed to equip lawyers with practical skills in networking, marketing, and practice development. Workshops can be virtual or in-person, depending on the needs of the firm.

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We delve deep into specific areas of legal practice and practice management, offering actionable insights and tools to enhance legal expertise and service delivery. Online courses are great values for firms with limited budgets, but looking to grow.

Growing Your Law Firm with a VA

Growing your firm requires resources...one of them being time! Have you ever considered how much time you could regain in your practice by hiring virtual help? These positions can cover a multitude of tasks and tend to be experts at what they do.

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100 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for Your Law Firm.

100 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for Your Law Firm


Harry-Todd Astrov

Harry-Todd Astrov

Jen has a zest for entrepreneurialism that is evident in all of our interactions.¬† As a solo tax attorney (also dealing with ‚Äúreal people‚ÄĚ clients), Jen and I frequently share ideas.¬† Jen is continually striving to build her brand.¬† Best yet, as a practicing attorney, she has first- hand knowledge about what works (and what doesn‚Äôt) in terms of marketing and providing quality and compassionate legal service to her clients.¬† I would strongly recommend any attorney looking to build their practice to be a part of the LSN.

Attorney Randi Susan Klein

I first meet Jennifer on social media. She joined I group I created called ‚ÄúLawyers Networking and Support Group.‚ÄĚ Later, Jennifer created her own group entitled ‚Äú Lawyers Success Network.‚ÄĚ As we got to know one another,¬†we grew into a real life friendship. Jennifer is very knowledgeable about law practice management and business development. She is very giving of herself to her colleagues and generous with her knowledge and time. She is an asset to the legal community.

Coming Soon!

Join Jen Lee on her up and coming hit podcast all about breaking the mold in life and law. This is no ordinary legal show; we're breaking the traditional mold and disrupting the status quo of an industry that is ripe for change.

Each week, we tackle a range of issues affecting the legal landscape, primarily those impacting low to mid-income clients. From untangling complex legal jargon to decoding dense contracts, we're here to equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the labyrinth of law. We also invite industry innovators, radical reformers, and trailblazing legal minds to share their perspectives and ideas.

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