Building a Bankruptcy Practice
from Start to Finish

This guided instruction takes you step-by-step through the process of adding bankruptcy to your law practice. Instead of wasting hours researching, investigating, and trying to figure out all of the details you need to make a profit, we’ve created the perfect solution so you can quickly get on your way to representing clients in bankruptcy.
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Why you should consider adding bankruptcy to your practice:

Bankruptcy is a great area to add to your practice. No matter the economic conditions, there are always people who need help with debt. 

What's included in the Building a Bankruptcy Practice system:

Start of race

Module 1 – Before Getting Started

Before you even start building, learn how to think about the profitability opportunities and create the type of practice you want with bankruptcy. What code, rules, and resources are needed?

Module 2 – First Steps

Starting out – admission to federal courts, ECF training and login information, and bankruptcy malpractice insurance details.

Module 3 – Practice Software

An overview of the different bankruptcy software programs you will need, along with practice management software recommendations.

Module 4 – Practice Logistics

Do you need a website? What about an office? Have all of your logistical questions answered in this module.

Module 5 – Bankruptcy Client Process

Know how your client will move through the process from the first time they find you to their bankruptcy discharge.

Module 6 – Initial Consultation Process

Learn what to look for, things to cover during consult, pros and cons of charging, and how to get clients to retain you.

Module 7 – Bankruptcy Basics Chapter 7

A complete overview of Chapter 7 law and procedure, designed to get you up to speed on the basics of Chapter 7 representation.

Module 8 – Bankruptcy Basics Chapter 13

A complete overview of Chapter 13 law and procedure, designed to get you up to speed on the basics of Chapter 13 representation.

Module 9 – Fee Agreements in Bankruptcy

A discussion of different fee arrangements in bankruptcy cases, including sample agreements and how bankruptcy fees really work.

Module 10 – Marketing a Bankruptcy Practice

Reaching your ideal client, talking your client’s language, networking, media, and other marketing tips for your new practice area.

Module 11 – Cases Every Bankruptcy Attorney Should Know

This is a look at some repetitive cases in bankruptcy. Sometimes it is best to learn from the history.

Bonus Module: War Stories from the Bankruptcy Trenches

The best way to learn is through real life examples.

This is a self-paced, on-demand course that will level up your practice!

Meet your Bankruptcy Guide

Lawyer Success Network™ 
Founder, Jen Lee

Thanks for visiting Lawyer Success Network™! I am a bankruptcy attorney who loves figuring out ways to help other lawyers innovate and move the practice of law forward. Sometimes, it means creating new client processes, or coming up with a totally new product, or even developing client-friendly packages that make it easy to buy. 

My law firm is Jen Lee Law, Inc. and I have offices in San Francisco, San Ramon, and Tracy, CA. We help individuals and companies with debt, credit, and financial stress. In my spare time, I love to nerd out on marketing, business development, and law practice management. 

I live in Livermore, CA and have two little girls, Ingrid and Heidi. We also have a bunch of dogs (the number varies from day-to-day, as we do fostering and dog rescue). 

Please connect with me on LinkedIn and tell me more about what you do.


Aaron Clefton, Esq.

"Building a Bankruptcy Practice from Start to Finish” is an indispensable , expertly crafted webinar  series that allows practitioners in other areas of the law interested in consumer bankruptcy to save time and money in expanding into this area by leapfrogging over common new practice pitfalls.  The information is clear, concise and practical.

Jennifer Lee’s video modules and written materials provide an invaluable road map and navigation through the first steps of building a new bankruptcy practice. Rather than wasting hours and money by researching where to begin regarding basic bankruptcy issues like client contracts, identifying key bankruptcy statutes, workflows tips, practice management software recommendation, interviewing new clients, and marketing issues, Jennifer Lee provides all of this and more in one easy to follow set of webinars. I highly recommend her presentations to anyone considering expanding their practice to include bankruptcy."



Amanda M. Jarratt, Jarratt Martin Law, LLP

"I have known Jen Lee for nearly a decade now. I am not alone when I say Jen is one of the best networkers, innovators, and attorneys I have ever met. When she launched her Build a Bankruptcy program, I did not need a testimonial to know that I was going to get my money’s worth. My law partner and I recently finished the program. It was thorough and focused a lot of attention on the business aspects of running a Bankruptcy practice, which most of us attorneys will tell you is the place we struggle the most when trying to build a profitable law practice. The timing of the program’s launch could not be more perfect as the current economic climate has increased the consumer and corporate needs for debt solutions that allow them survive the aftermath of a pandemic. If you are looking to start a practice or expand one, I highly recommend completing Jen’s course. Unlike a MCLE training, you will walk away from these classes ready to open your bankruptcy practice-including selecting practice management software, running cases, setting up work flows to maximize profitability, and having a marketing plan that won’t empty  your pockets on expensive and often useless advertising or lead generation scams. "

Online Course

$1997 One-Time Payment

Top features

  • Self-paced, virtual learning environment
  • Take the guesswork out of adding bankruptcy
  • Know how to market right away
  • Help clients smoothly navigate your office’s workflow


Consulting Package


6 month min. commitment

  • Two strategy calls per month (2 hours total) to consult on implementation
  • Individual guidance on setup, marketing, and bankruptcy strategy
  • Access to the self-paced, on-demand system for added resources.
  • Help clients smoothly navigate your office’s workflow

All of the tools you need to build a bankruptcy practice are right at your fingertips!

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