Stop! Before you take another step to starting your own practice...

Consider working through some foundational parts first. If you rush into things, you may end up in a less than ideal situation. Start with this course to sort through your why, organize your preferences, and design your ideal practice!


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Why did we create this course?
Analysis Paralysis of Lawyers

Lawyers are awesome at spotting issues and all of the things that can go wrong with their client’s situation. However, when we start thinking about opening up our own firms or changing from a traditional law firm model, our minds immediately go to all of those same things. We become paralyzed by overanalyzing the situation and keep putting off the launch of a new firm or change in practice. This course helps you with the very first things you should think about, instead of all of those how questions that pop in your mind to scare you off from moving forward. Designing your ideal practice is the key to success when launching your law firm and everything else flows from your design.

Does this sound like you?
If so, Design Your Ideal Practice is for you!

It's not the right time...

You have always wanted to start your own firm and keep waiting for the right time, but the years keep going by. Let’s get started designing your ideal practice so you can see all of the possibilities waiting for you.

My schedule is already packed...

Self-paced and online fits your schedule. Online modules and downloaded worksheets make it easy to design your ideal practice with your current schedule. The course is self-paced and you simply move on with the completion of each module. There is no logging on at a certain time required.

I'm nervous I'll mess it up...

If you are nervous about even the idea of starting your own firm, you are in good company. The fun part of this online course is the encouragement and the idea that you can really do anything you want, with the right design.

What's Covered in the Course


Interest and Reputation

In this module, we explore what you are known for, what you are currently doing, and your likes and dislikes to figure out the initial direction your practice should go.



Being happy with your practice means looking at both your professional and personal lifestyle. This module makes you think about what you like about your current lifestyle, what you wish you could change, and your ideal setup.


The dreaded topic of hours comes up in this module. We look at work hours, what you are doing during those work hours, and what you want to be doing during the hours you are not at work.

Money Talk and Mindset

This module forces some difficult conversations with yourself and possibly with others. Money is often a taboo topic that is not discussed much when launching a firm, other than how do I get enough clients to pay my bills. However, there is so much more to money and mindset that will help you succeed as a law firm owner.

Types of Clients

Before you can start a practice, you need to narrow down what types of clients you want to help. Honing in on your specific type of client from the very beginning of your practice will propel your firm’s marketing, branding, and…cash flow.


Whether you want to be a true solo or have dreams of creating the new big law firm, thinking about the types of support you need now and in the future will help in designing your ideal practice. 



Things you should know before you sign up!

Meet the Instructors


Jen Lee

Jen Lee is a bankruptcy attorney who loves figuring out ways to help other lawyers innovate and move the practice of law forward. Sometimes, it means creating new client processes, or coming up with a totally new product, or even developing client-friendly packages that make it easy to buy.

Jen Lee
Alay Yajnik

Alay Yajnik

Alay Yajnik is a law firm growth expert and founder of Law Firm Success Group. He has run a $100MM business and built a $5MM business from the ground up. Alay’s firm is dedicated to helping busy lawyers across the country start their own firms, make more money, work fewer hours, and spend more time doing the things they love. Alay is the author of Staffing Up: The Attorney's Guide to Hiring Top Talent, the first book on hiring for lawyers. He has spoken at bar associations across the country, and is the host of the Lawyer Business Advantage podcast. Alay Yajnik holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Santa Clara University.

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